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Discover the Beauty of Oahu with a Stress-Free Circle Island tour

Makapu'u Beach and Rabbit Island

They say that if you go round in circles, it means you are getting nowhere and achieving nothing. Here on Oahu, we totally disagree with that! On the contrary, if you do go round in circles here, then you are definitely going somewhere and most certainly achieving a great deal.

If you go round in a circle on Oahu, which covers nearly 600 square miles contained within 227 miles of stunning shoreline, it probably means you are enjoying a circle Island tour of this beautiful tropical island with the help of an extremely knowledgeable local guide. They will be able to fill you in on the fascinating details of the rich heritage, traditions, and history of this stunning corner of paradise, the third largest in the archipelago of islands which make up Hawaii.

Door-to-door service to reduce the hassle

So, where’s the best place to begin this tour? The answer is very simple and helps to underline one of the many advantages of taking a tour of the island. The tour begins at the doorstep of your hotel, as we’ll pick you up from there, and return you to the very same spot at the end of the day. All our tours are designed to make discovering the island of Oahu as easy and hassle free as possible, and that includes our ability to cater for those of you with reduced mobility or who are wheelchair bound.

We also like our recommended tours to be more personal and intimate, so we only cater to small groups, which also means you don’t end up wasting half the morning travelling all over Waikiki to pick up fifty tourists, all of whom stay in different hotels! Instead, we like to cater to groups of you who can comfortably sit in a minibus and who prefer to enjoy a more relaxed and informal-style tour.

 For a small island, there is a lot to see and do on Oahu

On a circle Island tour, we will make sure you won’t miss out on anything important, including a fantastic lunch, which, along with all admission fees is included within the tour fee – just bring spending money for snacks and souvenirs!

So, what can you expect on your circle Island tour? How about Nu’uanu Pali lookout which is at the site of one of the island’s bloodiest battles? Maybe you’d prefer to visit one of National Geographic’s 20 most beautiful temples – Byodo-in Temple – and marvel at the stunning architectural detail? How about enjoying that lunch on the North Shore of the island or a swim in the deep pool below the 45-foot waterfall found in the Waimea Valley?

Byodo-In Temple

Dole Whip will become part of your everyday vocabulary!

dole whipThen of course, comes our guides’ favorite highlights – a drive through Haleiwa Surf Town, followed by a visit to the Dole plantation and the chance to savor one of the island’s true delights, a serving of Dole Whip made with fresh local pineapple and coconut milk – this non-dairy frozen dessert is a reason in itself for coming back to Oahu, time and time again!

We also know that the weather on the island can be a little unpredictable at times, so it may be that we adjust the itinerary to suit – we aim to be as flexible as possible, and not just because we enjoy Yoga! In addition, our final advice would be to dress for the occasion, so practical footwear and shorts or trousers as opposed to dresses and skirts would be recommended. We also suggest you bring a towel and change of clothing, or wear swimwear under your clothing, so you are ready to take a plunge at the waterfall if the mood takes, you may find it difficult to resist…

Ready to Book?

Check out our Oahu Activities page for more information about our circle island tours and other exciting activities.

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