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Make the Star of Honolulu the Star of Your Trip to Hawaii!

star of honolulu main image

Islands have a unique attraction, and the Hawaiian Islands are no exception. When you are on the island, you can easily explore the terrain, yet there is always the lure of the sea, almost like an itch you just have to scratch. There is something quite magical when you feel the sand between your toes for the first time as you marvel at the beauty of the seascape that lies before you.

Turn around, and you’ve got the interior of the island as your backdrop, enticing you inwards to explore further. However, there is one element of the perfect trip to an island missing, and that is the only drawback of modern travel. Because it takes a good fortnight to sail to Hawaii from, say San Diego and only six hours to fly from there, most of you will come to Hawaii by plane, and miss out on viewing the island from the sea. Taking a morning or evening cruise means you look at and admire the islands in the same way that seafarers would have done three centuries ago is special and difficult to replicate.

A view of the Hawaiian Islands from the Star of Honolulu is very special

There again, there are even more advantages to living in the 21st century than just being able to fly to Hawaii for your holiday. The ‘boats’ are so much more luxurious than they were three centuries ago – take the Star of Honolulu far example, one of the Islands’ best cruise ships for a morning, or evening to remember.

The Star of Honolulu is the perfect combination of a cruise ship that will leave you feeling safe and secure, is large enough for you to stretch your legs and walk around the decks and choosing from the many vantage points to get an even better view. However, it is still small enough to retain an element of intimacy and individuality, enabling the staff to provide noticeably friendly and personal service.

A morning whale watching cruise or a sunset dinner cruise – the choice is yours

As for the cruises themselves, well where do we begin? Perhaps at the beginning of the day with a choice of the early bird two-hour whale watching tour with the option of a breakfast to (hopefully not) die for. Maybe you have come to Hawaii for a special occasion – a birthday, wedding anniversary, or retirement celebration. The two-hour dinner cruises, especially the sunset dinner cruise, are an experience of a lifetime, and if you are in the mood for a romantic setting, look no further, especially if you are planning to ask someone special to marry you. Did you know that you can even get married on the Star of Honolulu and then let the crew cater for a reception that guests will talk about for years afterwards, and for all the right reasons?

‘Surf and turf tastes so much better at sea’

star of honolulu dining areaTo call them dinner cruises does the catering staff a great disservice as many people go on a cruise to enjoy a bit of seafaring and to watch the sun go down ‘into’ the sea, only to have their overarching memory of the cruise being the food. When we say they cater for all tastes and requirements, with options ranging from a buffet cruise through to a casual dining cruise, while for the serious ‘foodies’ there is the deluxe cruise and, of course, a luxury cruise, with a choice of a five-course meal or an eight-course meal, respectively. With lobster fresh from the sea and the tenderest of steak, the Star of Honolulu has managed to take ‘surf and turf’ to a whole new level, sand the reason why Trip Advisor is crammed full of 5* review singing the ship’s praises, see for yourself.

Two-hour cruises that are perfect for couples and families alike

What we know you will also appreciate about the morning or evening cruises is that at two hours long, they are long enough to relax and immerse yourself in the whole atmosphere. However, they are not so long that if you are bringing along younger members of the family, the excitement of the ‘adventure’ will have worn off before you get back to port. There is absolutely no chance of hearing those dreaded words “I’m bored”!