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“My Little Adventure” – Learning About Hawaii Made Fun!

My Little Friends sample illustration


It can be very easy to take things for granted in life. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a state that has a unique history, both geologically as well as literally, so it is also easy to accept what is around you, yet without knowing what, exactly, that is.

When we are young, we are like sponges with a thirst for knowledge, but not necessarily knowledge gained from schoolbooks and information obtained from the internet or social media. The information we look for needs to satisfy our natural curiosity, to answer all those little questions we never find ourselves able to ask someone.

My Little Adventure Snorkeling Activity BookWhen it comes to learning about Hawai’i, where do you begin? How about the sea that surrounds the islands, the crystal-clear waters that are teeming with life, a life you can’t see but you can most definitely explore and wonder both at and about. So, the next question is, how do you set about discovering this hidden world of Hawai’i? Well, thanks to co-writers and illustrators, Younghee Cho and Tiffany Walker and a dynamic group of extremely talented Visual Design students from Kapolei High School, together with invaluable support from Hawaii HIS Corporation, the solution is now to hand with the publishing in March 2022 of a wonderful activity book called My Little Adventure or, to perhaps describe it more accurately as it does on the book cover, it is a snorkeling activity book!

The book is intended to help children over the age of seven cultivate their imagination as well as provide them with stimulating puzzles, coloring and ‘spot the difference’ challenges, while at the same time familiarizing themselves with the abundance of marine life which populates the islands’ fertile waters. The kids even get to ‘learn’ some of the Hawaiian language too, but in a fun way, not the way you would in a classroom.

Commenting on the release of the 38-page activity book, Milanie Dumapit, the Visual Design teacher at Kapolei High School, had the following to say: “My design students have taken this course in Visual Design at Kapolei High School as their pathway for two years in our Arts and Communication Academy. This opportunity was a wonderful invite to share with the community of the talents and skill they learned or independently explored on their own. Not only did they work tirelessly, but they made an effort to increase awareness of the types of fish and other animals we have in our beautiful water for all to see or explore while snorkeling. Enjoy and we hope to continue this effort in the future to create a visual for our visitors to learn from.”

Hawaii HIS Corporation plays a major role in the Hawaiian tourism industry and is the parent company behind the brand name LeaLea and companies including Hawaii Square and LeaLea Tours. When you learn that LeaLea is the Hawaiian for ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’ you will realise how aptly the word has been used.

Of course, if you have children and are planning a vacation to Hawai’i, you don’t have to wait until you get here before you can get yourself a copy of My Little Adventure. Just visit the LeaLea Market website where you can order your own personal copy for only US$12.00. That way your children can learn all about what awaits them when you all, as a family, arrive on your chosen Hawaiian island.