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Get a real bird’s eye view of Oahu with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours


There are so many stunning views of the Hawaiian islands, but other than those which involve the sea, there is a problem. Because the islands are volcanic and volcanoes resemble mountains with their peaks chopped off, the views on the islands only reach so far. In addition, if you are driving round the islands, it is safer to keep your eyes on the road than sightsee when driving, so everyone else in the car gets a great view, and you have to make do with glimpses.


See all of Oahu with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Oahu Tours

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters provide the perfect solution to both problems. From up in the skies, you can see over, into and beyond volcanoes such as Diamond Head and get a real idea of the dramatic topography of Oahu. When we say you will get to see all of the island, we mean it, and if you want to create holiday memories that will last a lifetime, then you need look no further.


How much of Oahu do you want to see?

Blue Hawaiian Helicopter above USS MissouriBlue Hawaiian Tours have two flight plans for you to choose from. The shorter journey, the Blue Skies of Oahu trip will take you over verdant rainforest and lush valleys while taking in the very best of the scenery the island has to offer. You’ll get to look down upon the coral reefs at Waikiki, fly over Diamond Head, pass over the stunning Hanauma Bay and the white-sand beach at Waimanalo. Beyond that you will soar over the cliffs in the Nuuanu Valley rainforest, while also witnessing Sacred Falls from a whole new angle, before catching more than a glimpse of the Dole pineapple plantation. Beyond that, no trip around Oahu would be complete without a ‘flying visit’ to Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona Memorial, and the battleship USS Missouri.


The slightly longer Complete Island Oahu tour last for approximately 65 minutes and as well as covering everything that you would in the Blue Skies of Oahu tour, together with a flight over to the western shoreline and Ko Olina, along with a mesmerizing look at the Waianae mountain range.


Blue Hawaiian offer aerial tours of all four of Hawaii’s main islands

helicopter over volcanoBlue Hawaiian Helicopter tours are not just restricted to Oahu. In fact, the company is the only one to offer helicopter flights covering all of Hawaii’s four main islands (Oahu, Big Island, Maui and Kauai). If you love your photography or are always keen to post photographs on your social media pages that will make your friends and followers envious, this is definitely the tour for you!


Here at Lea Lea Tours we are always keen to ‘cherry pick’ the very best of tours available on the beautiful Hawaiian islands, and especially Oahu. To find out more about any of Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours flight paths, to book a flight (always advisable in advance as there are only so many people you can get in a helicopter!), or to learn more about any of our other recommended tours, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time.