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The New Waikiki Trolley Green Line – Perfect for Foodies

Waikiki from top of Diamond Head


With so much to see and do in and around Waikiki, it is no surprise that Waikiki Trolley has become the best and most convenient way to get around and visit all the best ‘hot spots’. Up until recently there have been three routes covered by Waikiki Trolley: The Red Line which focuses on ‘Heroes and Legends’ of Hawai’i, the Blue Line which covers much of the Waikiki coastline and Diamond Head, and the Pink Line which is more for retail therapy, taking in both the Ala Moana Center and the Waikiki Shopping Plaza.


Waikiki Trolley Green Line – a great way to work up an appetite!

Waikiki Trolley’s latest addition to its routes, the Green Line, is just perfect for those of you who like to work up an appetite, or if you don’t want to feel too guilty indulging yourself with some of Honolulu’s best local food from places where the locals go to eat. Of course, the people at Waikiki Trolley are also quite smart and they genuinely try their best to provide a hop-on, hop-off service that will meet everyone’s needs. After all, when on vacation, it is not unusual for each of you to have your own preferences as to what you like to do.


Don’t miss out on a memorable hike up to the top of Diamond Head

Diamond Head crater is a vivid reminder of the Hawai’ian Islands’ volcanic past, while also offering you some of the most spectacular views over Waikiki, Oahu and the surrounding ocean. From the car park where the Waikiki Trolley stops on the Green Line, the distance to the summit of Diamond head is just under a mile and will take a moderately fit person around half an hour to climb. The good news is that it is a lot quicker on the way back down, and with the Waikiki Trolley’s Green Line passing every 90 minutes, there’s plenty of time to relax and enjoy the sights at the top, while also taking loads of photographs to add to your vacation albums or post on your social media accounts to make everyone jealous! By the way, you need to book your tickets for the hike up to the top of Diamond Head. To get your advanced reservations, visit


Feeling hungry yet? Fancy a Unicorn Butt Sneeze?

Green Line - Kahala MKTThere are six food-related stops on the Waikiki Trolley Green line, beginning with Foodland’s Kahala MKT, together with Ku’ono Marketplace. Here you will find ‘grab-and-go’ options if you like to eat ‘on the go’, or maybe something sweet from Purvé Donut Shop as curiosity gets the better of you and you decide to order a Unicorn Butt Sneeze just to find out what it actually is! Next stop on the Green Line will take you to Pipeline Bakeshop and Creamery as well as Noods Ramen for something a little more contemporary with a local vibe. Kaimuki Superette and Juicy Brew, the next stop after Pipeline Bakeshop, introduces you to Kaimuki’s very own Kaimuki Superette, home to some of the best fusion street food you’ll ever find on the island. Just nearby is Juicy Brew if you’re looking for something different but equally as unique in terms of menu options.


Further stops will take you to Leonard’s Bakery (well known locally for popularizing the malasada, a Portuguese dessert) , Sweet E’s Café, Da Ono Hawaian Food, Guava Smoked (great for smoked meats), Rainbow Drive-In (Oahu’s go-to establishment for comfort food) and Nanding’s Bakery. The biggest problem you will find is deciding where you want to eat first! Don’t worry if you feel like you’re going to miss out on some of these stops. Waikiki Trolley also has various all-day and all-week passes for each and all of their lines, which will give you more freedom to come and go as you please during your stay.


Green Line - Rainbow Drive-In


Here at Lea Lea Tours we are always keen to ‘cherry pick’ the very best of tours available and to provide access to the best transport options on the beautiful Hawai’ian Islands. To find out more about the any of the Waikiki Trolley Lines, the Diamond Head tour, to book your passes or to learn more about any of our other recommended tours, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time.