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Ohana Surf Project: Surfing Lessons

Feel the wave in Hawaii! Our mission is to help you experience that feeling and reach the next level of performance. Our goal is to enhance your total surfing experience through smart instruction in a personalized environment.

Our surf lessons are customized to fit any experience level and learning style and are offered in Waikiki and on the North Shore of Oahu. Whether you are a beginner trying surfing for the first time, an intermediate who wants to improve on the basics, an advanced surfer who wants to try more difficult waves and maneuvers, a pro-level surfer who wants to increase your competitive edge, or someone who wants to push your own limits, we have a lesson for you.

Lessons for beginners include surf etiquette, water safety, body awareness, board handling, paddling, standing, and other basic elements to get you started in surfing.

Advanced students will receive sophisticated instruction tailored to their riding style, including correcting “bad habits,” identifying strengths and weaknesses in technique, competitive strategies, and surfing larger waves.

Most importantly, all students receive instruction that recognizes the mental, emotional, and spiritual elements that make surfing a unique and beautiful sport. You will learn to connect with the ocean environment, understand the lineups and behaviors of surfers around you, and learn to surf in a way that expresses your individuality.

Lessons can be customized to your skill level, wave size and power, and the difficulty of the waves you wish to surf. From the North Shore to Waikiki, Oahu has every type of wave and surf condition imaginable. All prices include a surfboard and all necessary equipment for riding. Please bring your own swimsuit or board shorts, towel, sunscreen, and change of clothes.



All prices are on a per-person basis.
(participants must be ages 13+ and able to swim)

  • Open Group Lessons (1 instructor per 4 students):
    $109.00 + taxes & fees (2 hours)
  • Private Lessons:
    $135.00 + taxes & fees (1 hour)
    $199.00 + taxes & fees (2 hours)
  • Semi-Private Lessons (needs 2 people to book):
    $110.00 + taxes & fees (1 hour)
    $149.00 + taxes & fees (2 hours)
  • Exclusive-Group Lessons (needs 3 people or more to book):
    $105.00 + taxes & fees (1 hour)
    $139.00 + taxes & fees (2 hours)
  • Family Surf Lesson (must have 1 adult + 1 12yr and younger child to choose):
    $100.00 + taxes & fees (1 hour)
    $134.00 + taxes & fees (2 hours)

*price are subject to change without notice. Check the latest rate information from booking form.

Availability and Schedule:

Available Daily. Choose between the following available times:

  • 9:00 AM
  • 12:00 Noon
  • 3:00 PM

*Activity time subject to change. Please check booking form for available time.

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