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SemiSub Reef Tour Cruises

Semisub is one of the worlds most luxurious high tech watercraft. After a warm Hawaiian welcome at the World famous Aloha Tower Pier, guests enjoy a short sail to a special reef location specifically selected for its underwater beauty. Once positioned, the vessel partially submerges and guests are escorted into one-of-a-kind underwater viewing in comfortable seats. Guests are encouraged to take photos and videos of the beautiful reefs and marine life, and often Hawaiian sea turtles and reef sharks are seen.

Cruise in magnificent Pacific waters aboard a luxurious, air-conditioned, jet-powered catamaran.

Enjoy a unique seaborne view of Oahu’s magnificent southern coast, including the famous Waikiki skyline and Diamond Head.

When not in one of the special viewing compartments, guests relax on deck in comfortable captain-style seating and enjoy a delicious meal prepared by world renowned Chef Chai.

SemiSub Package Seating Diagram

Seating and Package Options: