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Around the World Virtual Tour

Visit five different countries on a virtual tour around the world!

About this Event

This tour will be live with a live guide in each country. You can start the new year off on a good note with some traveling that you didn’t get to do last year! This tour will be relaxing and convenient because you do it all online from the safety of your own home!

On this tour we will be visiting the historic Varanasi town and the river Ganges in India,

Strolling along Waikiki beach at sunset in Hawaii,

Observing majestic wildlife in Nairboi National Park in Kenya,

Enjoying the Kaminari-mon gate and Senso-ji Temple in Japan,

and finally wandering through the beautiful Blue Mosque in Turkey.

**Please Note: When selecting your ticket, please make sure you are selecting for the date you would like to attend**

-Minimum Participants needed for tour to commence: 6 participants



Per Person:

$25.00 + taxes and fees (Sunday-Thursday)

$38.00 + taxes and fees (Friday&Saturday)

Please check here and type in your city, and use top line Hawaii to set the time based on the schedule you purchased.

Availability and Schedule:

Tour is available on the following days from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM Hawaii Standard Time. (UTC -10)

  • Tuesday, April 06th, 2021
  • Saturday, April 24th, 2021