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Interesting Facts About Kauai Every Tourist Should Know

na pali coastline from hiking viewpoint


If you’re on your way to Kauai, don’t step foot onto the island without knowing a few things. To learn more about this gorgeous yet tiny island, keep reading – and you might just be mistaken for a local.


Super Small Island


With all the buzz about Kauai, it might be hard to imagine that this small island spans only 552 square miles, with the widest point stretching 25 miles. It is only the fourth largest yet oldest island in the entire Hawaiian island chain.


111 Miles of Coastline

Na Pali Coastline from the sea


However, this tiny island certainly should not be overlooked. While small, it boasts the most accessible beaches out of all the Hawaiian islands. With 111 miles of gorgeous coastline, it’s a breeze to find somewhere to surf, sunbathe, snorkel, and more.


Rainfall and Agriculture/Conservation


There’s more than impeccable sandy shores to love about Kauai, though. Here, you will find 90% of the landmass being used for agriculture or conservation. Paired with plenty of rainfall, Kauai is well-known for being admirably green. No wonder it’s nicknamed “The Garden Island”!


Rivers and Waterfalls

Kauai Twin Waterfalls


Traveling through Kauai, known as one of the wettest spots on earth, you will find more adventurous and stunning spots. It boasts more rivers than any other Hawaiian island, with the Wailua River being the most popular. That’s because it’s not only quite a beautiful sight to be seen with eight major waterfalls, but it’s also the longest and only navigable river in the entire state.


Just be prepared for some rain throughout your trip down the river, though. Mt. Waialeale alone averages a whopping 450 inches of rain per year.


No Circle Island Tours

Waimea Canyon


One caveat about Kauai is that there are no circle island tours found on the island. Why? Because, unlike Oahu or Maui, Kauai is home to the Na Pali Cliffs and Waimea Canyon – otherwise known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Due to the terrain, it is nearly impossible to build roads that connect the west and north shores of the island.


70% Accessible by Foot Only

kauai hikers


Not only that, but over 70% of Kauai is only accessible by foot. In fact, it’s noted that the best way to see the Pali Coastline is either by sea or air. You can also visit the Na Pali Coast using popular and gorgeous hiking trails, although you won’t get to see the magnificent cliffs as well.


Limits and Publicity

Kauai Buildings


Another fun fact about Kauai is that there is a four-story vertical limit on all construction. This means there are no buildings higher than a coconut palm tree, so you don’t have to skip out on the views. Of course – you could also just view the greenery of Kauai on TV, considering it has been featured in popular movies including Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Fantasy Island, and over 60 other films.


Produce Growing Island

kauai taro plantation


Last but not least, coffee and fruit lovers will enjoy the fact that Kauai grows various produce. Actually, they grow more taro than any other island and are well-known for having the largest coffee plantation in the entire United States. Wow!


There! Now you know everything you need to know about the beauty and fascination of Kauai. From the beautiful greenery to the breathtaking shoreline, you will love every inch of Kauai. Don’t forget to try out some of their freshly grown produce and take a ride down the Wailua River. Bring an umbrella, though – you’re going to need it.