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Keep Wednesday Free for a Best of Maui Tour

Best of Maui Tour - Haleakala


This may or may not be your first trip to the volcanic island of Maui, but chances are that when it comes to choosing the best places to visit, it could be a bit of a ‘hit and miss’ affair, and if you are only on the island for a limited period of time, you’re not going to want to waste any of it exploring places that may not meet expectations.


Lea Lea Tours makes sure you get to see the best places to visit in Maui

Working in conjunction with Polynesian Adventures, your day will begin around 6.45 a.m. by being picked up from your hotel in an air conditioned Grech deluxe minibus driven by an experienced tour guide, so you know that your tour is going to be extremely comfortable as well as eye-opening and informative. The island, after all, is steeped in cultural history. For example, did you know that Maui is home to the burial ground of ancient Hawaiian royalty? Better still, you’ll get the chance to see exactly where.


Fancy visiting the world’s biggest dormant volcano and tallest mountain?

How about exploring the world’s largest dormant volcano, Haleakala, formed over a million years ago and which rises up to just over 10,000 feet above sea level? Remarkably, while everybody thinks Mount Everest is the world’s tallest mountain at 29,029 feet. Actually, Haleakala is taller by a further 675 feet at 29,704 feet, because the base of Haleakala is roughly 19,000 feet below sea level! Consequently, you get to discover the world’s largest dormant volcano and largest mountain at the same time!


There’s so much more to see and do on the Best of Maui tour  

PolyAd - Silversword plantWhile Haleakala may be awe inspiring through the beauty of the ever-changing terrain as you climb higher, there is still so much to see and enjoy both during and afterwards. There are over 1,000 species of plants, including the east Maui silversword plant which grows nowhere else on the planet. After the 38-mile trip to the summit of Haleakala where you can take in the magnificent views of Kula, home to early Portuguese and Chinese agricultural workers, it is only literally downhill from there, not figuratively, as you make your way down to Makawao Town, Makawao being the Hawaiian word for ‘eye of the forest’. You can explore this characterful location and your guide will advise you on the best places to grab a bite to eat as ,after such an early start, chances are you are going to be feeling hungry.


Don’t forget about Wailuku Town and ‘Iao Valley on Maui

Wailuku Town is a great stop-off point located at the base of the West Maui Volcano before your final treat, a visit to ‘Iao Valley, home to the 1,200-foot tall ‘Iao Needle. ‘Iao Valley is particularly important to Hawaiians as it is not only the location of a burial ground for Hawaiian royalty, but it was also here that, in 1790, it saw a major battle between King Kamehameha I and the Maui Army in the King’s quest to unite the islands, once and for all. King Kamehameha I was successful, and the battle changed the history of the Hawaiian islands forever. For those of you who have a genuine thirst for knowledge, you will also enjoy visiting the Hawai’i Nature Centre located in ‘Iao Valley which has some wonderful interactive exhibits, or you can just go for a leisurely walk in the rainforest.


To find out more about the Best of Maui Tour, plus other attractions and tours on Maui, give Lea Lea Tours a call and they will be delighted to give you all the details.