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Rock-A-Hula: Where Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley Shake Things Up, Hawaiian Style

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Q: What do you get when you cross Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley with Hawaii? A: Rock-A-Hula!

Who doesn’t love a good show? There’s something very special about live entertainment, which is perhaps why it is always so popular on cruise ships. While here in Oahu you may also share the fact with a cruise ship that you are both surrounded by water, at least the ‘deck’ of Oahu is slightly larger and gives you plenty of room to stretch your legs. In addition, if you decide to jump into the sea for a swim, at least Oahu will still be there when you decide to come out of the water and won’t shortly be disappearing over the horizon!


Live entertainment in Hawai’i

Rock-A-Hula takes place in a wonderful 750-seat arena at the Royal Hawai’ian Center and encapsulates everything that is so good about the state’s culture. In fact, this is known as Waikiki’s Biggest Show® and once you have seen it you will understand why. As the show describes itself: “From ship to shore, our ‘ohana (family) provides the stage on which to experience the beauty and magic of Hawaii and create lifelong memories!” This sums up Rock-A-Hula perfectly.


Get a feeling for what live entertainment in Waikiki looks like

If you want a ‘sneak peek’ at some of what you can expect, enjoy the video – it’s only been posted a couple of months and already 25,000 people have watched it, which tells you something.

In addition, we checked some of the feedback left by guests who watched the show… “Top notch performers and dancers. Michael Jackson was exceptional. Dancers and music and fire dancer were very professional…” Are you going to tell them, or should we?


What entertainment does Rock-A-Hula include?

Rock-A-Hula is described as “a ‘Hawaiian Journey’ from the 1920s to today.” This is achieved through a wonderful troupe of performers that include hula, Tahitian, ad fire-knife dancing, as well as fabulous musicians and tribute acts such as Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.


More than just the best live entertainment Hawai’i has to offer

One of the biggest problems facing any of us when we chose to go out for some evening entertainment is whether to eat before or after the show. Okay, some of you have the perfect solution to the problem when you say “Both!” but that’s cheating… However, all your problems can be easily solved by Rock-A-Hula as you have a variety of options where eating is concerned, which stretch right up to a full-on upscale luau buffet dinner which includes roast suckling pig and prime beef, as well as numerous vegan and vegetarian options.


Fancy the best seats in the house?

Let’s face it, attending Rock-A-Hula is a pretty special occasion, so why not guarantee you get to watch everything from the best vantage point. There are three ticket options available for Rock-A-Hula as follows:

  1. The “Rockin’ Show” ticket lets you enjoy the show in it entirety as well as giving you the opportunity to ‘meet and greet’ the cast afterwards.
  2. The Original Waikiki Luau Buffet and Show not only allows you to enjoy all the evening’s entertainment, but you also get to enjoy the very best cuisine that Hawai’i has to offer.
  3. The VIP Waikiki Luau Buffet & Show which will let you enjoy the show from the very best seats in the house, as well as allowing you to enjoy the wonderful and filling buffet.


Here at Lea Lea Tours we are always keen to ‘cherry pick’ the very best of tours available and to provide access to the best transport options on the beautiful Hawai’ian Islands. To find out more about the ny of the Waikiki Trolley Lines, the Diamond Head tour, to book your passes or to learn more about any of our other recommended tours, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time.