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Experience a Fabulous Hawaiian Luau in a Local Adventure Park!

Mele Luau Dancer


While most of us have a pretty good idea what is involved with an adventure park–yes, you got it–adventures, adding an authentic Hawaiian luau into the mix is the perfect combination if you want to enjoy building up a healthy appetite before enjoying some authentic Hawaiian cuisine. Ideal considering the gates for the Coral Crater Adventure Park Luau don’t open until 5.00 p.m., so now you know what you can do beforehand to make the most of your afternoon and evening. We should point out that the adventure park is the venue for the luau, but the facilities of the adventure park are a separate package, and we have no intention to mislead.


A luau close to Honolulu

The Coral Crater Adventure Park is located in Kapolei, just 20 miles from the centre of Honolulu on the far side of Pearl Harbor, giving you the chance to explore further while you vacation on the island of O’ahu, just a short walk from Nimitz Beach. If you want to leave the rental car where it’s parked and enjoy one of the more enjoyable aspects of a luau, the mai tai, or a beer or glass of wine, there is transportation from Honolulu to the adventure park for a reasonable cost.


What does a Coral Crater luau include?

Mele Luau fire dance


A luau is a traditional Hawaiian feast featuring lively music and vibrant cultural performances from Hawai’i and greater Polynesia. Basically, we are talking about a visual spectacle the likes of which you are unlikely to experience anywhere else. Your arrival gets off to a great start with a shell lei greeting followed by a feast, a fabulous Hawai’ian style-buffet of local produce including favorites such as Kalua pig, lomi lomi salmon, huli huli chicken, locally caught fish, poi, delicious vegetarian and vegan options, and some child-friendly choices. You will also get to enjoy local pupus and cocktails while experiencing fun, interactive pre-show activities and watch the Hawaiian kalua cooking imu demonstration. This is then all followed with the beating of Polynesian drums, local dances, singing and whirling fire, so it is impossible not to sit there with eyes wide open, enjoying the very best Hawai’i has to offer. The luau at Coral crater is quite unique in that it also includes a sweet love story to create an interactive experience full of humor and energy.


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