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A Vacation in Maui isn’t a Vacation Without Enjoying an Authentic Maui Luau

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There are certain things we all associate with Hawaii, such as the Pacific Ocean and surfing, pineapples, volcanoes and mai tai cocktails, to name a few. We also associate Hawaii with leis (the floral garland worn round the neck), pa’u (traditional grass skirts, though they are woven from tree fibers), and the hula, a traditional storytelling Hawaiian dance.


So, you may be aware of all these things, but other than perhaps pineapples, how closely familiar are you with anything else on that list?


a person jumping up in the airComing to one of the best luaus not just on Maui but the entire Hawaiian archipelago will see you become very familiar with everything we have just mentioned, plus a whole lot more besides, such as discovering what ‘poi’ and ‘pua’a kalua’ means in Hawaiian.


Let’s begin with the setting and backdrop to the evening’s entertainment. The setting is on the sea front in Lahaina, Maui, so in the background to the evening’s events you should be able to hear the waves coming in over the beach and rocks. Behind you is Haleakala Crater which can be seen from just about anywhere as it reaches up to a height of 10,023 feet above sea level. It is nothing short of magnificent.


While there is much more to the luau than an open bar for the evening, it would be churlish not to mention its existence and therefore your chance to try a mai tai cocktail which became part of Hawaiian culture in 1953 when it appeared on the cocktail menu at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, or the lava flow cocktail.


Then comes the entertainment, which is the focal point of any authentic luau. This involves dancing, singing and the beating of Polynesian drums to create an unmatched atmosphere that you will struggle to take your eyes off, or to stop listening to. The rhythms are highly addictive, the dancing mesmerizing, and the singing enchanting. Have your camera at the ready and your social media feeds primed to make all your friends and followers jealous!


a palm tree lit up at nightThen there is the food,  this is where you get a real feel for Hawaii and Hawaiian culture. Knowing that many of you have differing dietary requirements, there is plenty to choose from if you would prefer a vegetarian four-course meal or even a gluten-free one. As for the traditional Hawaiian menu, can you be tempted with such treats as fresh pineapple chunks, Maui pineapple butter, Pua‘a Kālua (succulent pig slow roasted in an underground fire pit, known as an Imu), salted salmon or poke ‘ahi (tuna), not forgetting the Hawaiian staple poi, which is steamed and mashed taro root. How about some local banana bread for dessert? The menu is amazing!


To add to the authenticity, you can eat on a traditional mat with a low-level table right beside the stage, or a little further back at a standard table, either of which can accommodate up to eight people.


One thing’s for sure, this is an evening you are unlikely ever to forget!


If you are planning to come to any of Hawaii’s beautiful islands, at Lea Lea Tours we are always keen to ‘cherry pick’ the very best of tours available. To book your seat at the authentic old Lahaina lūʻau on Maui or to find out more about any of our other recommended tours, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time.