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Coral Crater Zipline Combo Activities

Our 60 foot Adventure Tower is the only one of its kind in Hawai’i. Combine the challenge with a full zipline tour!

Tour Highlights Includes:

  • Full Zipline
  • Aerial Challenge Course
  • Freefall
  • Climbing Wall
  • Climbing Rope
  • Climbing Ladder


On our signature Coral Crater Zipline tour, your guides lead you through six ziplines ranging in length from 300 to 900 feet! This is the perfect tour for anyone looking to experience a safe, adrenaline pumping, and high-flying adventure.  This tour is perfect for ages 6+. From families in search of a memorable time together to couples seeking that moment they’ll be talking about for years to come, this activity is definitely one for the books. Join us on an exciting ride, sure become the most popular zipline Oahu has to offer!

Adventure Tower:

Our Adventure Tower is a two-level jungle gym Challenge Course that measures at a 60 foot height. The first level is 20 feet above ground and the second level is double that at a skyrocketing 40 feet! With 18 challenge elements, you’ll feel like a winner after you navigate through ropes, walk across wobbly bridges and surf on a rail all while suspended in the sky.

Experience the sensation of a Freefall. This activity will bring you from the very top of the tower to the bottom with one courageous leap. Let’s see you take a step out into space!

We also just added a Rope Ladder Climb that is 50′ high – Some people say it’s not to hard. Some say it’s really hard. Try it to find out. In addition to the Rope Ladder Climb we have a Rope Climb that is 60′ high. It is incredibly difficult. Only one person has actually made it to the top. Some would say almost impossible. Don’t be scared to try!

Finish off your aerial adventure by giving our Climbing Wall a try. We have 4 unique routes to experience, so show off your skills and get to the top!



Zipline & Adventure Tower: $269.99 + taxes and fees
Zipline & ATV Adventure:$309.99 + taxes and fees

*Price subject to change. Please check booking form for up to date pricing.

Availability and Schedule:

Available Monday through Friday

Approximate Start Time:
Available upon booking

Approximate Return Time:
Approx. 4 hours from start


Transportation option not available.

Please check in at Coral Crater Adventure Park (91-1780 Midway St, Kapolei, HI 96707) 15 minutes prior to your reserved activity time. Late arrivals will miss the tour. No refunds will be issued.

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