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Want to Learn How to Surf in Under Two Hours? Let Hans Heidemann Show You How!

Waikiki Surfing Lessons


On virtually every list of things you associate with Hawai’i, within the top five items surfing will always appear (along with pineapples!) With an abundance of sandy beaches and irresistible crystal-clear water everywhere, it is not surprising that so many visitors to the island (as well as the oh-so-lucky residents of course) are drawn to the sea. However, while so many of us may secretly dream of catching a wave, not many of us actually know how to successfully do this and, instead, we just spend our time at the beach kicking our feet through the shallows or venturing into our own world of ‘extreme sports’ by mastering the art of standing upright on a paddle board!

Surfing isn’t as difficult as it looks

One of the reasons so many of us fail to successfully learn how to surf is because we grab the biggest board available for hire, then paddle out to where all the good surfers are, then promptly fall off the board each and every time we try to catch a wave. Not only do we end up getting ‘ragdolled’, but very quickly we earn the reputation of being a ‘kook’ (a.k.a. any surfer with little understanding of surf etiquette who endangers or impedes other surfers.) Not the best of starts and unless you enjoy the sensation of half drowning. Most often this experience lasts less than half an hour before you decide surfing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. That is a shame and could all be so easily avoided.

Learn to surf in Hawai’i with Hans Hedemann Surf School, Waikiki

Where better to learn how to surf than at Waikiki Beach? After all, a trip to Hawai’i isn’t complete without a trip to Waikiki Beach, so you have an extra incentive (as if one were needed) to learn how to surf. Depending on your budget and personal preferences, the highly experienced instructors at the Hans Hedemann Surf School are happy to teach you as part of a large group, or a small group of three or four of you, which is perfect for a family or group of friends. There is also one-on-one instruction if prefer.

To begin, you will learn all about water safety (essential for both you and fellow surfers), then you will progress to mastering the art of standing on a surfboard in the ‘whitewash’ (the broken section of a wave as it reaches the shallows, and which is far less powerful than an unbroken wave). Once you have learned how to both stand up on a board (there is a definite and easy-to-master technique) and remain standing on it, you can now class yourself as a bona fide surfer and you can begin to venture further offshore to tackle gradually larger waves. Trust us when we say that there are few such exhilarating and memorable experiences as successfully catching your first wave!

Say “hello” to Duke Kahanamoku after you have learned how to surf

Before you leave Waikiki Beach, don’t forget to wander over to the large bronze statue of Duke Kahanamoku, who is affectionately known as the ‘Father of Surfing.’ A native Hawaiian, Duke was a multiple gold medal-winning Olympian swimmer who, along with some friends in 1905, established a surfing club in Hawaii called Hui Nalu (Club of Waves). Beyond that, Duke was responsible for introducing surfing in California, and his influence reaches across the globe as far as Australia. Another good reason to visit the statue is because it will provide you with a great photo opportunity for your social media posts – the statue is an impressive nine foot tall!

Beware of Jaws!  

You’ll be pleased to know that we are not referring to the infamous man-eating great white shark, but the location Jaws (Pe’ahi in Hawaiian) which is the ‘biggest and baddest’ surf spot in Hawaii. What we definitely don’t recommend is that after your first two-hour surfing lesson you head off to this location. Why? Because waves there are rumored to reach over 100 feet in height, and the only ‘safe’ way to access the waves there is by being towed along by a jet ski. If you’re not convinced by what we say, check out this video of Mike Parsons.


Book your lesson today!

Summer is just around the corner and seats for surfing lessons at Hans Hedemann are being snapped up fast. We recommend that you book your lessons as soon as possible. You’ll avoid the crowds and you’ll have a better selection of dates. Book your surf lessons here, conveniently through LeaLea Tours.