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Lights. Camera. Action! Welcome to the World of Movie Locations on Kauai

PolyAd - Hanalei Pier


The beautiful, sun filled sky of Hawai’i will bring the lights, doubtless your smartphone has a digital camera so you will have the same opportunity as cameramen in the past will have had to capture the backdrop of some of the islands’ most stunning scenery. Your tour guide, of course, will be responsible for providing the ‘action’ with a tour lasting around eight hours (including pickup and drop off) as you get to visit numerous beautiful and memorable movie locations.

How about doing some ‘homework before going on the Kauai Movie Adventure Tour?

If you are keen on movies, nothing beats visiting the actual place where scenes from a well-known movie have been shot. However, what may surprise you is just how many movie locations there are on all the islands of Hawai’i, and also, specifically, on Kauai. We often recommend you do your homework before going on the Kauai Movie Adventure Tour, though it would take many days to watch all the movies in question that were shot on this enchanting island. However, thanks to YouTube, there are plenty of clips out there with iconic moments of all the movies shot here for you to get a ‘refresher course’ from.

Let the movie credits roll…

PolyAd - Opekaa Falls alternate viewSo, what movies are we talking about? Well, one of the best known is Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii, and on the tour, you will be visiting Lydgate beach and the two rock ponds adjacent to the Wailua River which served as a gorgeous backdrop to parts of the movie. (As a bit of trivia for you, how many of you knew that Angela Lansbury, she of Murder She Wrote fame, played Elvis’ mother in Blue Hawaii, despite being only nine years older than him at the time!) Then there’s the Ahukini Landing, a pier at the mouth of Hanamaulu Stream, which was a location used both on Donovan’s Reef and also Pagan Love Song. Of course, it isn’t just ‘real’ movies, but also inspiration for the setting of a fabulous, animated movie Lilo and Stitch that Kauai can take credit for, especially Kilauea Point Lighthouse Overlook, while back in the ‘real’ world the magnificent 151-foot-high ‘Opaeka’a Falls appeared in both Blue Hawaii as well as the Wackiest Ship in the Army.

These are some of Hawai’i’s most beautiful locations, they are not just movie locations.

While it is easy to get distracted by the movie connections, especially one like Kapa’a Town, which played its role in the infamous dinosaur ‘eggchange’ in Jurassic Park, you will also realize that even without the movie connections, these are some of the most beautiful locations on the island of Kauai and are worth a visit for that reason alone. A perfect example is Hanalei and Hanalei Pier, which you will get to visit but which have no connection with any films as such. Instead, you will simply get the opportunity to sample some of the more natural, cultural and historical side of Hawai’i, with the Town’s taro patches and numerous art galleries.

tahiti nui cocktailsEnjoy your stop at Tahiti Nui!

As pickups for the Kauai Movie Adventure Tour begin at around 7 a.m. there’s a fair chance some of you may have missed out on breakfast, so it is always worth packing a few snacks the night before just in case you oversleep in the morning. However, one of the best parts of this tour is when you get to stop off at Tahiti Nui for lunch. After all, nobody deserves to go eight hours without a meal, especially when on vacation. At Tahiti Nui you will have the chance to feast on a variety of local favorite dishes at one of the island’s most popular dining spots.

Photo courtesy of Tahiti Nui

Lea Lea Tours will help you to get organized

When on vacation the last thing you need is any hassle. So, when it comes to arranging to be picked up in the morning, check with us to see if we have included your hotel on our list of pickup spots. If it isn’t, we can let you know where your nearest pickup spot will be and what time to expect your coach to collect you. You will then be dropped off at the same location at the end of the tour, which will be at around 2.45 p.m. and the perfect time of day to enjoy your own Blue Hawaiian cocktail (or mocktail) as you raise a glass to the unique Elvis Presley!

Or better yet, visit our Kauai Movie Adventure page and book your tour in advance!