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Step Back in Time with A Fabulous Tour of Historic Kona

puuhonua o honaunau


When you’re visiting the Big Island of Hawaii on a cruise ship, there is only one slight problem, and that is you can be almost too far to the fabulous and beautiful countryside and dominant volcanoes. You just can’t get a full appreciation of the stunning surroundings. However, from the shore, everything changes, and you then have the opportunity to take in the true scale and amazing landscape of this volcanic island.

So, what could be better than taking a shore excursion and cruise down the western coast of Big Island?


The historic Kona tour

Not only will you get a fabulous view of the island from the shore, but as you work your way down the coast, you will also get to appreciate the stunning scenery that cradles Kealakekua Bay – an underwater preserve and where a monument to Captain Cook stands. Sadly, while Cook was received as the god Lono by the islanders, he was soon discovered to me a ‘mere mortal’ and was subsequently killed.


Kona TikisVisit the ancient village where law breakers used to shelter

One of the highlights of the trip is a visit to the Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park, which really is a step back into the past. Here you will learn about the history of Kailua-Kona and get to explore the ancient Hawaiian village where lawbreakers (kapu) used to seek refuge. This is definitely a place where you will want your camera with you to take some memorable photos.


Fancy a Kona coffee, anyone?

kona painted churchNo, it isn’t a case of enjoying a cup of strong coffee aboard ship but making the most of an opportunity to visit the Royal Kona Coffee Factory which is home to the world’s largest coffee roasting machine. Then, if that isn’t enough, you get the chance to visit the Painted Church, which was decorated by the Belgian priests to create the impression of a grand cathedral – yet another fabulous photo opportunity as you discover something utterly remarkable in probably the last place on earth you might expect to find it.

Then it’s back on the tour bus to enjoy a leisurely drive back to Kailua Bay , and with the fantastic view of lush landscapes and picturesque views of the town, perhaps the magnificent landscape of Big Island may prove too great a distraction and provide a few enjoyable–and unforgettable–moments yet again…


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