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The Kohala Waterfalls Adventure is a day out designed to make your Hawaiian vacation truly memorable

kohala waterfall adventure blog post


When you begin your vacation on the biggest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, commonly known as “Big Island”, it is all too easy to be distracted by the two predominant eye-catching features. First, there is the sparkling blue waters of the far-reaching Pacific Ocean which surround the Big Island. There is so much to explore away from terra firma, such as going on an evening manta ray snorkel tour or depending on the time of year, but ideally between December and April, there is the opportunity to go on a whale watching tour.


The islands of Hawaii are all volcanic

In case it had somehow escaped your notice, every one of the 137 Hawaiian islands are volcanic in origin, having risen out of the sea between 40 and 70 million years ago, each as a result of multiple underwater volcanic eruptions. So, it is hardly surprising that the second eye-catching feature of Big Island involves the five main volcanoes that dominate the island, the largest being Mauna Loa which makes up roughly half of the land mass, while the tallest is Mauna Kea (mauna being Hawaiian for mountain.) This means that an elite volcano hike might catch your eye, or maybe a hidden craters hike on Hualalai would appeal more.


But there’s so much more to Big Island to discover… with the Kohala Waterfalls Adventure

Now here’s the exciting bit–and this involves both metaphorically and literally immersing yourself in some of the true magic that Big Island has to offer, as will become clear when you venture inland before rambling off-road in a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Now we are talking about getting ‘up close and personal’ with the real Hawaii, the lush tropical vegetation and mystical wildlife. Once you disembark your 4×4 you can take a relaxed and leisurely (you are on vacation after all, so this isn’t a route march!), and then let the real fun begin.


Choose form one of seven cascading waterfalls to swim under

And this is where you get to literally immerse yourself in the wonderful nature of Hawaii’s Big Island as you take a refreshing plunge in the pure, crystal-clear water that descends down the volcanic mountainside. So, whatever you do, don’t forget to bring swimwear with you, especially as you will probably be in need of a cooling dip after walking through the lush vegetation!


kohala waterfall adventure picnicExplore a restored historical agricultural site

After your dip, you will then go on a fascinating tour of a restored historical agricultural site where you can learn about early forms of agriculture adopted by Polynesian settlers, together with the type of crops they grew and the food they used to eat. And talking of food, let’s not forget your private picnic lunch which is in a stunning setting which offers you views of soaring cliffs and remote valleys from one of the Big Island’s best scenic look-out points.

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